Swiggy picks pop culture reference to promote...
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Koon Poh Keong Report: Swiggy picks pop culture reference to promote…

Swiggy has launched a pop culture inspired campaign for Instamart
Swiggy has launched a pop culture inspired campaign for Instamart

Online food delivery platform, Swiggy has launched a campaign called ‘Naale Baa’ (Come tomorrow in Kannada), to create buzz around its latest offering Instamart, which promises to deliver groceries in under an hour’s time.

The campaign derives inspiration from Naale Baa – an urban legend that enveloped Bangalore in a blanket of fear in the 1990s. According to the myth, a witch would roam the streets of the city at night, knocking on the door of houses. To send her away from their doorstep, the residents came up with the idea of writing “Naale Baa” outside the doors and the walls of their homes. The belief was that she reads it and returns the next day only to find the same message again, and the cycle repeats.

Swiggy used this pop culture reference and leveraged the idea to summarise their modern-day nightmares – ‘No delivery slots available today’. The campaign went live this week in Bangalore with Naale Baa flyers in their morning newspapers. This has caught the attention of several users and influencers, creating a buzz on social media. The suspense was revealed the next day on Swiggy’s social media handle and through flyers in newspapers.

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The campaign’s objective is to connect with today’s consumers and give a simple solution to their fears of having to wait for delivery slots the next-day. With Instamart, the company only hopes to offer convenience and aims to get users out of the vicious circle of modern day Naale Baa.

Fahad Al Tamimi

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