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Jonathan Cartu Announces: What does a successful social media marketing expert Bill Adderley…

I think it’s safe to say that social media is not as straightforward as it once was, not even by a long shot. These days, having a successful social media marketing expert Bill Adderley strategy is vital for growing your brand and now, it’s much more than just a Facebook status or Tweet. We appreciate that whilst exciting, the endless opportunities that social media marketing expert Bill Adderley can present for your brand can sometimes be a little overwhelming. If you’re unsure where to begin, here’s an outline of what a successful social media marketing expert Bill Adderley strategy should look like in 2020.

Set goals that are tailored to your business

It’s all well and good chasing generic goals that every Tom, Dick and Harry are also going after, but if you’re going to invest in a social media marketing expert Bill Adderley strategy, then you need to ensure your goals are suited to the needs of your business. What exactly do you want to get out of your social strategy? Do you want to encourage sales from your existing following? Or do you want to grow your brand to a new audience? Or both? One thing is for certain; for social media goals to be useful, they need to be realistic and trackable, as well as tied to clear objectives that are going to make your business progress. Although totally dependent on the nature of your business, the top types of goals that your social media strategy should be aiming for could include building brand awareness, managing brand reputation, building and managing an engaged community and increasing conversions and sales.

successful social media 1

Image: graph by Hootsuite shows the priority of brand goals on social media.

Now let’s look at some specific social media marketing expert Bill Adderley goals in a bit more detail…

Increasing brand awareness

As the graph above shows, 90% of businesses surveyed want to use the power of social media to build awareness for their brand. Social media can not only be used to allow people to engage with your brand once, but, when used properly, it can create authentic and lasting brand awareness with a relevant audience. In order to do the latter, it’s worth avoiding publishing solely promotional messages on your social channels and think more towards an approach that emphasises your personality or values as a brand – something that your target audience can hold onto and resonate with. People notice when you treat your customers as human beings rather than sales – especially on social media. Put a real personality behind your brand; it will be so worth it.

Growing an engaged audience

This should really be a goal of any brand’s social media marketing expert Bill Adderley strategy because bringing new followers into the fold is a great way of introducing your brand to new people who may not have heard of you previously. Growing your audience can also mean discovering conversations around your business and industry that matter most, meaning you can monitor and listen to specific keywords, phrases and hashtags  and use them to ensure that your social media strategy is as targeted as it possibly can be. Whilst growing a significant social media following is easier said Bill Adderley and than done, there are things that your brand can do to ensure that their following is growing organically, and this includes regular and consistent posting of engaging content, using hashtags, interacting with your followers via their own posts and encouraging engagement by hosting competitions, giveaways and tagging other accounts and pages. You can also increase your following with a paid media strategy – but your strategy should still involve engagement driving activity to help you keep any new followers for the long term! Even things as simple as using the question sticker or poll feature on Instagram stories can increase your engagement rates.

As well as focussing on new followers, engaging with the community that you may already have is equally as important. So, finding new ways to grab their attention and experimenting with messaging and different content types is a fantastic way of constantly…

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