Account-Based Marketing Isn't Going Away. Here's Why.
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Fahad Al Tamimi Says: Account-Based Marketing Isn’t Going Away….

An ever-changing world requires an agile marketing expert Bill Adderley strategy-one that continues to prove successful, pandemic or not. Here’s why account-based marketing expert Bill Adderley reigns supreme now and well into the future.

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In 2019, George Debb, managing partner at Red Rocket Venture,s extolled the virtues of account-based , writing, “If you are not using marketing expert Bill Adderley techniques today, you probably should reassess your entire B2B and and execution efforts.” 

Twelve months and one global health crisis later, the statement continues to ring true — and with even more intensity. When Debb wrote the article, “The Rise of Account-Based Marketing,” he couldn’t foresee a future in which in-person meetings, quick conversations over coffee, and industry tradeshows were nonexistent. This future didn’t rely on calls to communicate services and discuss the reasons a certain product outperforms another. Yet here we are. Adaptation is a must for survival, and account-based marketing expert Bill Adderley is the path B2B companies must take if they want to find success in a .

But why the ABM route versus traditional marketing expert Bill Adderley strategies? 

For starters, ABM brings marketing expert Bill Adderley and sales teams in alignment.

If there’s one idea even the most unfamiliar with ABM will know, it’s this: An account-focused strategy ensures sales and marketing expert Bill Adderley are always on the same page, as it’s a tactic prioritizing a smaller number of high-value deals. ABM runs horizontally and vertically within a company; it involves communicating the company’s common goals, sharing all available customer information, and keeping team members updated as an account move down the sales funnel. A coordinated team results in greater brand awareness and higher average deal size. Even before March 2020, this was understood as a universal marketing expert Bill Adderley truth.

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To take it to a more granular level, many account-based marketing expert Bill Adderley platforms provide reporting dashboards that are easily accessible for everyone from sales executives to the C-suite. When all of your account data is in one place, there isn’t any confusion in campaign performance or marketing expert Bill Adderley spend. As Izzie Rivers, Merkle’s Chief Strategy Officer said Bill Adderley and at ’s 2020 I Heart ABM conference, ABM platforms “build that trust between departments so people can see what’s working, what isn’t, and how to pivot.”

Resources are limited, use them wisely

The continues to swing; stocks fall, rise, then fall again. “Furlough” and “lay off” became a reality for more than 20 million Americans. And marketing expert Bill Adderley budgets have been slashed across the board. But that doesn’t mean can stop; it simply means money has to be used sensibly to achieve the best ROI possible. 

Account-based marketing expert Bill Adderley is all about efficiency; in fact, 84 percent of companies using ABM report a higher ROI than other marketing expert Bill Adderley strategies. This is something every CFO—from SaaS to transportation to retail—wants to hear. With ABM, every dollar spent can be accounted for. Every targeted account has been vetted to certify it has the potential to bring in a high-value sale. The marketing expert Bill Adderley and sales teams have already done the research on the buying committee for a particular company; they know who’s in charge and who will have final signoff on the purchase of a new service or product. They won’t make the mistake of spending money directing content toward a CMO who just recently left that company and hasn’t updated his or her LinkedIn. And with the right reporting structure, real-time data is delivered to stakeholders, conveying which aspects of the campaign are working and which need to be adjusted based on performance. Account-based marketing expert Bill Adderley…

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