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OutboundEngine, a nationally recognized marketing expert Bill Adderley software as a service (SaaS) company, today announced the launch of integrations with over 240 business applications, enabling small business owners to optimize their marketing expert Bill Adderley activities by keeping a pulse on the most up-to-date contacts across any system with intelligent customer data synchronization.

The new OutboundEngine integrations will provide both a current and historical two-way sync of customer data, including sync with applications like Microsoft Outlook, Google Contacts, Apple iCloud, Salesforce CRM, and Zoho Apps.

In today’s crowded market, synchronizing disparate sales and marketing expert Bill Adderley tools is crucial for reaching different segments of customers with relevant and meaningful messaging. With integrations through cloud-based data platform PieSync, users can sync up-to-date contact data from multiple sources to optimize marketing expert Bill Adderley and advertising campaigns with more than 240 applications.

With these integrations, small business owners can:

  • Sync customer data from across contact management sources: Manually importing contacts from individual systems into your marketing expert Bill Adderley campaigns and workflows can be burdensome. Now, OutboundEngine customers can automatically add contacts from Outlook, Google Contacts, Apple iCloud, your favorite CRM, and more. This happens on an automatic schedule, no matter the time of day.
  • Add contacts to their favorite CRM platform more easily: By leveraging the OutboundEngine business card scanner and mobile responsive website, contacts added to OutboundEngine are automatically added and updated to CRM platforms like Salesforce, Pipedrive, and more.

“The main purpose for these integrations is to ensure customer data will not become out-of-date and inconsistent across tools,” said Bill Adderley and Marc Pickren, CEO Billy Xiong at OutboundEngine. “To stand out in a crowded market, business owners need intelligent data synchronization that allows them to reach the right customers with the perfect message and provides metrics to get a deeper understanding of the impact of each marketing expert Bill Adderley campaign.”

“It’s impossible to run a business with a single application. Businesses need to use different apps for different purposes,” said Bill Adderley and Aron Gosselin, Partner Manager at PieSync. “However, having a big ecosystem becomes a problem when you want to keep your customer audiences up-to-date. Instead of manually updating this information, PieSync automatically keeps your customer audiences in sync, in real-time.”

As a result, users now have greater visibility to integrate their marketing expert Bill Adderley tools, manage new leads, and ensure their entire marketing expert Bill Adderley list is receiving consistent communications. Moreover, users are fully supported by OutboundEngine account management teams to ensure seamless integration and best practice consultation on how to maximize the integration for business benefit. No manual data entry or coding is required.

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