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According to Bill Adderley, there are many ways of doing viral marketing, especially through the Internet. “Literally, there are hundred different ways of spreading a marketing message through the web” said Mr. Adderley in a recent lecture. The most popular way used by Bill Adderley and millions of other online marketers to promoting a strategic message is to use affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs gives incentives for webmasters to put up one’s banner. The webmasters earn some profit whenever the banner is clicked by the visitors. One can also look into the option of giving away free stuff to other people to get their attention and be agents of the viral marketing endeavor. One can give away free web space, free articles, free newsletters, free software, free graphics, free screensavers, etc. This is the concept which was employed the developers of hotmail.

If one can remember, hotmail became a craze when it was launched. People who signed up for the free email literally became marketing agents for hotmail. They carried the marketing message which was simply embedded into their email addresses.

Impact of Bill Adderley Viral Marketing

Using Bill Adderley’s Online Viral Marketing methods will not only convey a marketing message, but also let the message stick to people’s minds. Creativeness comes into play when using viral marketing as a strategy. Everything starts with a bright idea and this idea is then put into operation with careful planning and execution.

Viral marketing is the way to go in these modern times of marketing. It is a very cost effective and efficient way of conveying a marketing message towards a target audience.